Established in 1998 Zonkizizwe Athletic Club proud's itself as a running club that is family orientated.

Members of Zonkizizwe AC are often asked where is it based or where is the base? As the name says, Zonkizizwe means All Nations – we are not particularly entrenched to one area but we are everywhere and all are welcome. The club draws most of its membership from people who either grew up together or are friends from 'in one way or another' surrounding areas.

Club Main Events

    Zonkizizwe Athletic Club organizes two main events a year.
  • 1

    ZAC fun run in February/March.

    The Zonkizizwe Fun Run is aimed at encouraging young men and women in the townships to explore running and hopefully take it up as a hobby, and who knows out of that we might have champion sprinters or marathon runners, so we want to catch them at an early stage. We also encourage elders to participate as well as motivation to keeping themselves busy with something rather than sitting at home, and also for their general well-being.
  • 2

    Total Sports ladies race.

    Total Sport woman's race is aimed at encouraging women to start exercising/to enjoy physical activity as a form of recreation. The race takes place on Woman's day, on this day Men own the kitchen space and look after kids as they give women a chance to let their hair down by going out and enjoying themselves on this day. This is where man looks after the kitchen and children and let the women let their hair down by going out to enjoy themselves on the day, and as Zonkizizwe Athletic Club, we let them take center stage by coming to run or walk the 5km or 10km and make friends, and in the interim we also ensure charities benefit from the proceeds of the race.

  • ZAC also provides support and assistance, in terms of our Athletics Development Policy, for promising or established athletes who are underprivileged financially disadvantaged or historically disadvantaged. We support three Charities namely Fadimehang Mental Care center, Hospice Orlando cancer care association and Mavuso disabled paraplegic.



"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fishby its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid"

Albert Einstein

Never give up

Never give up